Curriculum Development

Blog #5

Pre Reading Questions-

How do you think that school curricula are developed? This is an entry point to this topic and whatever you write will be fine.

Before joining this class and having to write this blog I had never truly thought about how the curriculum is developed. I mean sure there are some obvious ways it was developed (common sense), but I had never looked in depth about how it truly came about and what aspects were brought together to make it. My best guess on how it was developed; was that a bunch of White middle-aged men got together and put together a guide to what they thought the right and proper thing for children to learn. I do know teachers can teach a curriculum different and add their own aspects in, but it is made very clear that you still have to follow a specific guideline and make sure you fit everything in that the school system says.


How are school curricula developed and implemented? What new information/perspectives does this reading provide about the development and implementation of the school curriculum? Is there anything that surprises you or maybe that concerns you? IMPORTANT – Please write your blog before our lecture as YOUR OPINION will be an integral part of the lecture.


After Reading Question- 

While reading the article; many of my views on the educational curriculum did stay the same, but there were a few things that stood out me more than others. We see right away that curriculum is defined as ” an official statement if what students are expected to know and be able to do”. This is something that was very obvious before reading the article, but it makes it more clear that this is what is expected by the government. One thing I was not aware of was how many people take the time to make the curriculum. I thought only a few people would create it. Having so many people with different beliefs and values coming together to create one curriculum seems almost impossible, but it is done. Reading the article let me have a look at how significant politics are when it comes to creating a curriculum. We see different areas that significantly show politics and other areas that are less in-depth. This also has a huge impact on how much the government is involved in this creation. The government has a lot of say on what goes on in the education system, too much if you ask me. I understand that the government should have some say, but for the amount, they are actually in schools and associated with them it is a little too much; if anything teachers should have the most say. All in all; I believe students, parents, and teachers would have better insight when it comes it creating the curriculum. They are in the schools day in and day out. They know what will benefit the children now and in the future. Teachers deal with these children every day, so their opinions and ideas about what the children are learning are very beatifical and crucial for a steady learning environment.




3 thoughts on “Curriculum Development

  1. Hi Cheyanne,
    Like you, I had a rough outline of what curriculum is but I never questioned it. As students we are told curriculum is the content we must learn but we are not told how this content is chosen or why we must learn it. Though a diverse population maybe chosen to work on the curriculum, the dominate group will be most present. I think students should be a part of the curriculum development so they can understand why they are learn certain things.
    Thanks for sharing.


  2. Hello!
    I thought very similarly before I read the article as well. I was also surprised that the curriculum is formed with many individuals. I did not know how the committee was chosen or any of the steps involved.
    I agree and like your statement that teachers should have the most say because as future educators we are going to be in charge of the curriculum and if we do not like what we are teaching then that may cause issues in the classroom.


  3. Hi Cheyanne,
    Thank you for responses to this weeks article I really enjoyed reading it. I especially liked how you mentioned that for people who are rarely within the school that government has a lot of say of what goes on inside of them. I do agree that the curriculum should be based more off of teachers and students who are actually in the schools and know what is relevant for them to be learning. How do government officials know what’s best for students to be learning in a small town, for example, when they know nothing about that town or have even heard of it for the matter. It really doesn’t make much sense if you think about it.
    Thanks again for your response!


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